We are here to assist adoptees and birth parents in finding one another. While we can work one on one with you from initial contact here, you can also find us involved in other online search groups dedicated to the same cause.

We can assist with helping you interpret your DNA results from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and Gedmatch. We are also well versed in using Ancestry.com to build out family trees based on the biological cousins we may find in either your traditional search or through DNA results.

Our purpose is not to just draw you into our own personal assistance, but act as a guide to help you hit the ground running and help you along the way when you feel as though you have hit a road block. Sometimes our recommendations are for books that might enlighten, while other times we may recommend an online class in genealogy or DNA test results interpretation.

If you request a much more deeply involved process where we build out your genealogical tree based on DNA related cousins, help you search for individuals, or complex tasks like triangulation of your genetic results, then we encourage you to please use Our Search Form. Especially if you are looking to provide background information on your search thus far, obstructions you have encountered along the way, or attempt on moving forward anew.

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